In Europe we offer you the following: The 96 unit Respicond VIII costs 625 000 SEK corresponding to approximately 65 500 EUR.


As an alternative the basic 48 unit Respicond VIII costs 400 000 SEK corresponding to approx. 42 000 EUR. If you, at a later date, want to expand to the full 96 unit Respicond it costs an additional 250 000 SEK corresponding to approx. 26 000 EUR. All rates are from Dec. 2016.

Outside Europe we give specific offers depending on transport costs.

The 96 units Respicond VIII respirometer consists of:

  • 2 highly insulated stainless steel water baths (0.9 x 0.7 m), 2 cooling thermostats.
  • 4 trays for holding the sample chambers.
  • 96 sample chambers (incubation vessel) with a conductometric cell in each. The standard unit has 96 vessels containing 250 ml each in which you can have soil samples of 20-40 g mineral soil ( LOI of less than 10%) and ca 10 g of organic soils (LOI of more than 70%).
  • 2 multiplexers with 48 channels each.
  • One conductometer.
  • One high resolution multimeter.
  • One computer running the respirometer and storing the data.
  • A program for running the system and converting the data to forms compatible with common spreadsheet programs.

We can also deliver a more advanced version with the option of stirring for incubation of liquid samples. The prices for these versions will be negotiated specifically.